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Wikiwiki Kalua Pig & Cabbage


WikiwikiKaluaPig&Cabbage_KaluaPig1 lb. kalua pig

1 head cabbage, chopped

2 medium onions, diced

1/2 can beer (any kind)

1 cup chicken broth

2 Tbsp. shoyu

2 Tbsp. chili-pepper water

Toss everything into a stove pot or crock pot and cook till the cabbage is fork tender (on low stove heat for about 30 minutes usually does the trick; a crock pot can slow cook all day). Serve on steaming hot rice, white or brown.

UncleBotsyTikiLogoThe secret to this quickie dish is finding quality kalua pig, UncleBotsy'sLogoFinalreadily available in most Hawaii markets. Outside of Hawaii, who knows? Next time you are in Hawaii, you’ll just have to buy a container, freeze it and toss it in your luggage just before you leave the Islands. You can also substitute your favorite hot sauce back home for chili-pepper water.


Photos by Darrell Ishii


2 Responses to “Wikiwiki Kalua Pig & Cabbage”

  1. Katie

    I was born in California so I’m a Beach Girl ! Lol I live in Alaska and been To Hawaii 2 Times and have lots of Hawaiian Friends If I could be in Hawaii Right now that’s where I would be ! And I love Hawaiian Food Thanks for taking the time to show your recipes. Aloha Your Alaskan Food Fan

  2. Brett Uprichard

    Katie, did you know that lomilomi salmon became a favorite Hawaii food years and years ago when sailing ships first brought loads of salmon to the Hawaiian Islands? We put our special touch on it and serve it with poi.


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