Fun Under the Waikiki Sun: Picking the Perfect Watersport

Waikiki Watersports

Waikiki is the perfect locale for watersports and a prime place for fun under the sun. The bustling city was once the playground for Hawaii’s alii (royalty). Since then, its crystal waters and pristine beaches have attracted visitors from all around the globe. Hawaii draws more than 9 million visitors annually and many of them make their way to historic Waikiki for part, or all of their stay.

Nowadays there are multiple facilities along Waikiki Beach that offer watersport equipment rentals to help vacationers have fun during their tropical vacation. Check out some of the different ways to play in the water at Hawaii’s most famous beach.



Keep the salt water out of your eyes while exploring the Pacific and look for colorful sea creatures and coral reefs in Waikiki’s underbelly.



The consistent, relatively small waves in Waikiki are ideal for learning to surf. Many places that rent boards also provide surf lessons with a pro.




Kayaks keep you close to the water as you paddle out. Take a kayak out to get further away from the shore and make friends with schools of tropical fish or maybe a honu (Hawaiian sea turtle). Just be forewarned that these green sea turtles are an endangered species so you must keep your distance. And even though it may be tempting, as they are docile creatures, do not touch them.



These larger than life cycles are great for families wanting to leave the beach behind. Cruise the ocean in style with these easy to operate cycles.



For many, relaxing on the beach is the perfect way to enjoy the day and soak in the sun. Beach loungers with umbrellas that provide ample shade are available for the day or half-day at various points along the beach.



Try the latest craze in watersports. Stand-up paddleboarding requires balance and strength. It’s also fun to catch a wave or two with friends and have a robust laugh should you “gracefully” fall. There are even stand-up paddleboard yoga classes available.

The choices for watersports and ways to spend your days under the Waikiki sun are endless. You don’t even have to pick one, you can mix it up and explore each activity depending on how long your stay is.


Photos by Jeff Whyte, cdelacy, Robert Cravens, Joakim Lloyd Raboff / Shutterstock; Darrell Ishii



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