Waahila Ridge Trail – A Pleasant Challenge Throughout.

On most out and back hikes, hikers can expect the way out to be almost exclusively uphill, and the way back to be all downhill. That is not the case on the Waahila Ridge Trail. This trail goes up and down and remains a pleasant challenge throughout.

Waahila Ridge

Waahila Ridge Trail is a maintained hike with plenty of parking and a bathroom at the start. It’s not an easy trail, but most able-bodied adults, children and dogs can manage it. Expect the hike to take at least 2 hours to the end of the maintained trail.

The path itself is clearly marked, although many sections of the trail have tree roots that can easily trip even experienced hikers. In rainy weather or just after rainfall the trail gets muddy and slick. Solid hiking boots are a must to maneuver your way to the top.

WaahilaRidgeTrail_OverviewThe summit of this trail has beautiful views of Honolulu out to the ocean. It’s a lush trail that ascends through different ecological zones making for interesting views and varying wildlife.

At the end of the maintained trail is a sign noting that further hiking isn’t maintained. A separate trail starts at the end of Waahila Ridge to a higher peak. This hike is not maintained and significantly more challenging. It is only recommended for the most expert hikers who are properly equipped for a challenging hike.

As with all hikes, take proper safety precautions. All hikers should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, layers of clothing to protect from the sun, hiking boots, a walking stick or pole and a cell phone. Also be sure to tell someone where you plan to hike before leaving in case of an emergency.

To get to the trailhead from Waikiki, take Kapiolani Blvd towards Honolulu and continue on Waialae Ave. Then turn left on St Louis Dr, left on Bertram St, left on Peter St, and right on Ruth Pl.

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