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Vacation Planning Boosts Your Mood

Vacation Planning: How do you get eight weeks of happiness from a five-day vacation? By planning it.

Vacation Planning

This article by Cornell University explored several studies, including one conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, concluded that not only do vacations improve happiness, but that the act of planning vacations creates a higher boost in happiness – “up to eight additional weeks of improved mood in anticipating the vacation.”

In fact, people often fall back to their baseline moods after returning from their vacation, unless their experience was “very relaxing.” Those who experienced a “very relaxing” vacation experienced heightened moods up to several weeks following their escape from the daily grind.

VacationPlanning_BeachgraphicWant to boost your mood, but don’t have the funds to book your flight? Studies have also shown that merely exploring your vacation options and planning a hypothetical trip provide the same feelings of anticipation and relaxation as confirming your travel plans.

Plan your perfect vacation. Pick your favorite beaches, pin your favorite activities and share your travel dreams with your friends! Take a break from your every day routine and feel your stress just melt away.

Explore Perfect Days Hawaii to find the ideal vacation itineraries on each island. Or click through some stunning images in our Beauty of Hawaii section. And of course, take a few moments to check out all of the Best Beaches available in the Aloha State. You can practically taste the Mai Tai and feel the sand between your toes by simply taking the time to plan out the highlights of your perfect Hawaiian getaway.

While you dream about vacationing in paradise, try some island flavors with a local recipe from our resident cook, Uncle Botsy. Even if you can’t actually visit Hawaii in the near future, at least you can eat like an islander while planing your stay.




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7 Responses to “Vacation Planning Boosts Your Mood”

  1. Vicki Reeves

    I am probably one of the lucky ones, my husband and I for 5 years were able to go to Maui and Kauai for a month every year between Dec-Mar. Now due to health issues that have caused me to become a caregiver for him we haven’t been able to go back for 4 years now. We did plan a trip but it never happened. So now what I do when I get stressed from carring for him I just get out my photo album and look at the pictures. I also entered your contest and hopefully might be a lucky one and win another trip before my husband is no longer with us. But I do have my memories and am thankful for that. I enjoy the magazine articles I read from your magazine also. Thank you and God Bless

    • Laurabeth

      Aloha Vicki, we’re so glad you were able to share such great memories in the Islands together. My condolences to you both for this challenging time. I’m glad the memories of your time spent here bring some sunshine into your life. Please keep in touch and best of luck in the sweepstakes! It would be truly lovely if you made it back again.

  2. David L. Jones

    For the many that have still not tasted the beauty of Hawaii, they are missing the biggest opportunity in their life. Not only do the people who live there have that Hawaii Spirit, but they really want to share it. Once you have made that visit you will want to continue to return to the islands and be refreshed. It is almost like starting your life all over, as your best memories will come from those visits

    • Laurabeth

      I agree! So many things to do, places to see and people to meet. Planning it all is just part of the fun—a big part!

  3. jean

    so blessed after 52 years of marriage to get the opportunity to visit Hawaii all three islands ….would jump at the chance to do all over…beautiful place to visit!!!!


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