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TrilogyExcursionsImagine this: you are on Maui, a paradise known for its illustrious waterfalls, bamboo forests, black and red sand beaches, and of course Haleakala. Once you have traversed the 59 bridges and 620 curves of the Hana Highway (and back again), paid a visit to the 10,000 foot peak of Haleakala for sunrise and hit Wailea for sunset cocktails, you might be ready for someone else to take care of you. Why not hop on a luxury sailing catamaran to put the cherry on top of your utopian vacation?

When staying on Maui’s west side in Ka‘anapali, there is no need to drive; just take a stroll to the beach. Even if you are staying elsewhere, parking is a breeze and validated by Trilogy crew who are onsite to welcome you and check you in for your Discover Ka‘anapali snorkel tour. The fun of a Ka‘anapali departure is not just the convenience factor, but also beach loading. The Trilogy catamaran gently nudges its hulls onto the beach, at the water’s edge, and guests board the boat via ladder directly from the sand. Timing is key here: staff direct you onto the boat ladder (more like stairs) as waves retreat and hold the line when the next wave comes in. Shoes are collected before departure and from here you set out on a barefoot adventure.

TrilogyExcursions_TurtleSnorkeling location is Captain’s choice with consideration for the best conditions. A couple places Trilogy takes guests from Ka‘anapali are Honolu Bay and Olowalu. While snorkeling around coral systems in the highly visible waters, you are likely to see Hawaiian green sea turtles cruising about, tropical fish, sea urchins, and occasionally in Honolua you might see spinner dolphins. Olowalu is known as a “cleaning station” where the Hawaiian green sea turtles come to entice cleaner fish to remove algae from their shells. Due to this symbiotic relationship, the chances seeing tropical fish and turtles along the Olowalu reef are high. In addition to tropical fish, you may also be graced by a visit of moray eels, octopus, and the rare manta ray.

There’s no need to get up early to eat breakfast and pack a lunch or snorkel gear for this trip; Trilogy has it all covered. En route to the Captain’s snorkel location, crew serve you fresh local fruit, juice, coffee and most delightedly, the made-from-scratch family recipe cinnamon rolls. While you snorkel, the Captain puts on a chef’s hat and prepares Trilogy’s famous BBQ chicken lunch with blue cheese vinaigrette dressed salad. In this day and age, businesses are prepared to accommodate the dietary needs of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free guests, and Trilogy is no exception. Everything you need to snorkel is on board: masks, defogger, fins, wetsuit jackets for colder water, and multiple floatation options to keep you safe. A crew member supervises snorkelers from a surfboard in the water and it’s highly likely he/she will also point out marine life that you just won’t want to miss!

TrilogyExcursions_CoupleSo now that you have enjoyed family recipes and snorkeled the sights of Maui reefs, it’s time to kick back as the crew put up the sails and cruise back to Ka‘anapali. Beverages abound (but not too many!) in the form of Moloka‘i Mules, Lana‘i Tais, beer and wine. You will not want this day to end, however just as Trilogy welcomes you to its ‘ohana (family), it strives to send you off with smiles that last for days and months thereafter.




Photos courtesy of Trilogy


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