Shopping, Eating and Having Fun on Oahu

Fun on Oahu

Oahu stands out from the other Hawaiian Islands in that it appeals to the explorer and city goer alike. Taste exotic regional cuisine, chow down at a food truck that specializes in shrimp dishes, and eat like kamaaina (Hawaii residents) at plate lunch establishments. Dress in aloha prints that exude Oahu’s natural beauty. Visit monuments, traverse oceanfront and cliffside vistas, stroll through the rainforest, catch waves in Waikiki, and soak up the sun. Oahu has it all.

Fun on OahuLET’S PLAY!

You could spend weeks, or even years, on Oahu and still not cross everything off on your to-do list. Thrill seekers love parasailing, surfing and other aquatic activities, while others appreciate time spent on beautiful, green fairways of Oahu’s country clubs or sipping cocktails decorated with umbrellas late at night by the beach. Of course, there are always lovely beaches to lounge on when you just need a break and a chance to catch up on your reading.

Eat on OahuLET’S EAT!

Island-caught fish, locally raised beef and farm-to-table greens make for a mouth-watering island stay. Enjoy these delectables beachside while the sun dips below the horizon and the sky explodes with colors. Top them off with a local brew or craft cocktail and you’re set.



Shop on OahuLET’S SHOP!

Burn of those indulgent calories and hit the stores to find the perfect gifts to bring back home to family and friends. Visit local boutiques packed with gorgeous, island-inspired clothes, jewelry, art and other handmade goodies. Pick up a book written by a local author and bring back stories for adults or keiki that reflect island living and the rich culture of Hawaii.

Welcome to the only island with a bustling city scene amidst a tropical landscape—where eastern and western cultures harmoniously collide. Every day is an eye-opening adventure on Oahu.



Photos by Shutterstock; Paul Tatsuguchi



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