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Maui Beach

family funHere are just a few of the snapshots: brightly colored sea turtles navigate past beds of living coral; windsurfers cut across the face of spectacular waves, leaving a trail of crashing white foam; a dozen snorkelers float serenely in a transparent bay with near-perfect visibility; novice surfers scream with delight as they experience the thrill of standing up on their first wave; a woman is transported to her teens as she soars 80 feet above the surface of the sea on a parasail; a young boy knifes across the ocean on a speeding jet ski; couples snuggle up to each other along a boat rail, witnessing another magnificent sunset with a panorama that takes in the sky, land and sea. It’s all just another day on Maui, where life is literally a beach, where life revolves around the expanse of blue Pacific Ocean.

It’s a challenge to fit in all the beach-related activities that Maui boasts, but it’s worth a try, even if it takes a couple of return trips. A good way to ease into life on the beach is with a FAMILY PICNIC at one of the many parks that line tSnorkeling Mauihe shorelines from Kapalua to Lahaina, from Kihei to Makena. Choose a beach with gentle waters and a lifeguard on duty. Fleming Beach Park, Kaanapali Beach, and Polo Beach are among our favorites. Makena is another favorite for bodysurfing and soaking up the sun, but a word of caution: Hawaii’s sun may be stronger than what you are used to back home, so be generous with the sunscreen and take the sun in small doses.

Some of our other favorites are the morning MOLOKINI SNORKEL, an afternoon spent on a PARASAIL or JET SKI off of Kaanapali. Or you can RENT SNORKEL SETS by the day or the week, then set out with the snorkel map that is provided, planning your own underwater adventures, including close-up encounters with Hawaiian green Maui sunsetsea turtles at Maui’s TURTLE TOWN, located along the island’s southern coastline. Other rentals include BODYBOARDS and STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDS, as well as UNDER- WATER CAMERAS to record your exploration in the sea. No trip to Maui is complete without a WHALE WATCH AND SUNSET DINNER CRUISE. Now is the time to start your collection of Maui snapshots, captioned “life’s a beach,” naturally.

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Photos by Benny Marty, Epic Stock Media, Mike Brake / Shutterstock


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