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A secret getaway for the sophisticated traveler, little Lanai is full of surprises. The island’s two resorts offer five-star spa serenity as well as lush upland gardens, and the town itself is a historic gem dotted with wee cafes and shops. Anywhere you go on the island, relaxation abounds.

To plan your perfect Lanai vacation itinerary, read on for great ideas—including Outdoor Adventures, Peaceful Retreats & Cultural Journeys and Scenic Spots. Then visit our list of Perfect Partners below.



Is there any more tranquil setting than a spa? Four Seasons Manele Bay’s five-star spa will immerse you in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Indulge in signature treatments, massage, facials and salon services, all overlooking pristine Hulopoe Bay. The Four Seasons Koele also offers selected treatments and in-room massage.

Guests of the Four Seasons Koele will find sanctuary in its enormous garden, with a reflecting pond, charming pavilions, yawning trees filled with birds and an orchid greenhouse. You might even see wild turkey wandering the grassy slopes.



The island of Lanai has an unusual history, from its earliest days of Hawaiian habitation through transformation into a pineapple plantation, and beyond. Start your cultural exploration at the excellent Lanai Culture & Heritage Center, featuring artifacts and stories from every era.

Then explore Lanai City itself, the island’s only town and home to about 3,000 residents. This vintage plantation hamlet is one of Hawaii’s most important and endangered 20th-century treasures. Hardly changed since the 1920s, you’ll love its simple charm, friendliness and unhurried pace. Shops, cafés and markets line the park; must-visits include the art galleries and collectibles shops.

Lanai’s landscape features numerous ancient Hawaiian archaeological sites, from petroglyphs to temple mounds. The former fishing village of Kaunolu is one of the island’s most significant historical sites, and on the National Register of Historic Places. Access requires a four-wheel-drive jeep. Also on the register and easily reached from Four Seasons Manele are the remains of Kapihaa Village. The site overlooks Hulopoe Bay and includes traces of old Hawaiian house platforms, garden terracing, stone-tool work sites, a temple mound and a fishing shrine.



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