The Ka‘u Coffee Experience

KauCoffeeExperience_CoffeeCollageWhether you live in Ka‘u, Hawaii or Concord, New Hampshire—for some of us, if we’re not a whole cup of coffee into our morning routine, please do not attempt to interact with us. This morning craving, this appreciation for the rich, roasted flavors that gets us going, is why Hawaii’s coffee is one of the most popular gifts visitors bring back from the islands along with macadamia nuts, and chocolate confections.

Coffee lovers, there is a land—an unspoiled land in a sunny climate—with misty afternoons that give the coffee deep flavors of chocolate, cherry and coconut, accented with floral notes of orchid and citrus flowers. This land is Ka‘u on Hawaii, the Big Island. Unique cultivating practices include handpicking, sun drying, warm sunny mornings, misty afternoon rains, and fertile volcanic soils that create some of the finest coffees grown anywhere.

For coffee lovers everywhere, this is cause to celebrate—and Hawaii Island does just that, with an annual celebration at the end of April or early May every year. Join Ka‘u coffee farmers and the community for the seventh annual festival at Pahala Commnity Center for coffee tasting, music, dance, arts, crafts and food. Take a tour of the farm and mill, stargaze in the Ka‘u area, join in a group hike into the rainforest or get some great ideas from the Ka‘u coffee recipe contest.

The Ka‘u Coffee Festival is taking place from now until May 3, 2015 at various locations. See their website for a schedule and pricing. Couldn’t make it this year? Mark your calendar for 2016—it’s an island tradition!




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