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Hawaii Drive Guides

While you can access the digital versions online, the print versions of Hawaii Drive Guides are also distributed at every rental car company in the state of Hawaii. They provide a wealth of information about places to go and things to do with large, readable maps and vivid photography for your journey across any of the Hawaiian Islands.

Use the Hawaii Drive Guides to pinpoint the exact locations of beaches, historical sites, activities, attractions and restaurants—and get the travel tips you’ll need to make the most of your vacation.

Spotlight Hawaii

As Hawaii’s favorite pocket-size magazine for over 40 years, Spotlight Hawaii magazines are available online for free, or in print at street kiosks and hotel concierges at every major destination on Oahu and, Maui  Along with clear, essential information about the Islands’ top activities, attractions, shopping, dining and sightseeing, Spotlight Hawaii features cultural stories and award-winning maps with all the points of interest you need.

Spotlight Hawaii is also best known for its many money-saving coupons and special deals, which you can also view online.