Local Foods

Local Foods

A Delicious Taste of Local Foods

Enjoying a region’s foods and recipes is indisputably one of the most important and pleasurable facets of travel. No vacation is complete without some adventurous forays into the cuisine and potable delights of your destination. With its diverse ethnic mix, few places can top the culinary possibilities Hawaii offers. We enjoy some of the finest sushi this side of Tokyo, delicious Thai delicacies, spicy Korean soups, Chinese noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls, Hawaiian luau foods and all sorts of specialty plate lunches. Of course, there are fine French restaurants and good old-fashioned American burgers, as well as tasty fresh fish straight from the azure-blue waters offshore. And, if you love to cook, check out Uncle Botsy’s Kau Kau Hawaii recipes. New ones will be added monthly.

As a whole, the Hawaiian Islands are known for their lush beauty, idyllic beaches and laid-back attitude

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