Crumb-dusted zucchini


Crumb-dusted zucchini



Italian herbs

Progresso bread crumbs

Salt and pepper


Cut zucchini in half, lengthwise. Sprinkle each piece with olive oil (to make the other flavorings adhere), Italian herbs, salt, pepper and Progresso bread crumbs. Fry each piece herb-side down in olive oil. Repeat the process of oil, herbs and bread crumbs, then flip when the first side is browned (about four minutes on medium heat). Fry four more minutes and serve immediately as a side dish to your entrée.

WebAdd a bit of decadence to this side dish by tossing in some butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon during the last minute of frying. Some slices of fresh garlic wouldn’t hurt, either.

WebWhile zucchini wasn’t wildly popular in Hawaii a few decades ago, the revolution of diversified agriculture in the wake of the demise of sugar and pineapple has made small-truck-farm products popular items at farmers’ markets. Available year round, this is a wonderful side dish for just about any entrée, from steak and fish to pasta and casseroles.



Photo by Darrell Ishii



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