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Fantastic Filipino Food

history of Filipinos in the Hawaiian Islands dates back to 1906, when the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association recruited 15 sakadas—contract laborers from the Philippines—to work on sugar plantations. By this time, Hawaii’s ethnic mix already included many Japanese and Chinese, … Continued

No-Joke Portuguese Cooking

  Portuguese bean soup and malasadas are among Hawaii’s favorite comfort foods.  They came across two vast oceans, part of the important cultural baggage of immigrants from Madeira and the Azores. The Portuguese were leaving home for places like Hawaii, … Continued

Thai the Knot

  Thai cuisine is a joyful marriage of two age-old traditions in cooking: Indian and Chinese. Could a better marriage ever have been arranged? And what offspring! Thai curries come in a complex rainbow of colors (red, green and yellow), … Continued

Bi Bim Bap Around the Clock

Where’s the beef? That seems to be the question so often on our minds while eating our way around Asia. Well, the answer is Korea. Specifically, Korean barbecue. Hawaii is getting its taste of Korean cuisine via the newly popular … Continued

The Joys of Japanese Cuisine

For years, Japanese food was a mystery to the average American. Then America discovered sushi and everything seemed to change overnight. The next thing we knew, sushi bars were popping up across the United States. This was no passing fad, … Continued