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Buying Island Music – Our favorite Hawaiian music

Buying Island Music

Whether you’d like to bring home a few quality souvenirs for friends or build your own collection of Island music, you’ll find an endless selection of CDs to choose from.

Hula Records is one of Hawaii’s most prominent Island-music labels. Over the decades, Hula Records has represented Hawaiian-music legends from the Cazimero Brothers to Gabby Pahinui and the Peter Moon Band. Purchase a wide variety of Island music directly from its site, ranging from prized falsetto performances by Genoa Keawe to vintage recordings from the internationally renowned “Hawaii Calls” radio program.

Mountain Apple Co. is another major player, and the label for celebrated performers such as Don Ho, Eddie Kamae and the Makaha Sons of Niihau. Mountain Apple features a large collection of both contemporary and traditional Hawaiian music on its site, including Israel Kamakawiwoole’s best-selling album, “Facing Future”.

When it comes to pulling together great Island music, Jacqueline “Skylark” Rossetti is the one to talk to—so we did! Skylark’s one of Hawaii’s most influential Island-music radio broadcasters and the winner of a Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts‘ Lifetime Achievement Award for her efforts to promote Hawaiian music. She hit it right when she told us that “Facing Future” by Israel Kamakawiwoole, “Honolulu City Lights” by Keola and Kapono Beamer, anything by Don Ho (with or without the Aliis) and Hawaii Calls classic recordings should lay the groundwork for your collection.


Then Skylark gave PERFECT DAYS HAWAII her “Top 10” must-haves list, plus her reasons for the selections. “Because the genres of Hawaiian music are so varied,” she replied, “I’ve chosen my 10 favorite CDs that I travel in my car with. I think they reflect the best of the Hawaiian music renaissance.

“The Best of the Sunday Manoa” – 
Peter Moon, Robert Cazimero and Roland Cazimero started the whole movement of pairing younger Hawaiians with the flavors of older Hawaiian music. My favorite album is “Sunday Manoa 3”.


“Rabbit Island Music Festival” – Featuring Gabby Pahinui, the godfather of traditional Hawaiian slack key music. My favorite song is “Kauai Beauty.”




“The Best of The Kahauanu Lake Trio” – Anything they’ve recorded is classic Hawaiian music. It defines an era of Hawaiian music.



“Party Hulas” – By Genoa Keawe. Traditional Hawaiian “luau” style hula music. If you want to hula, you have to have a Genoa Keawe release.



“Hoala” – By the Brothers Cazimero. The song “Nani Hanalei” is an all-time classic.



“Like a Seabird” – By Olomana. Check out the classic songs “Seabird” and “Kuu Home o Kahaluu”.



“Tropical Storm” – By the Peter Moon Band. Innovative and upbeat.




“Only The Very Best Of The Makaha Sons” – A folk style of Hawaiian music.



“Kawaipunahele” – By Kealii Reichel, who’s creating new Hawaiian classic recordings.



“Aumakua” – By Amy Hanaialii. Amy is Hawaii’s foremost female recording artist after the classic voice of Nina Kealiiwahamana.



If you’re interested in learning more about the music scene in Hawaii, stay tuned to PERFECT DAYS HAWAII. We’ll be adding more stories about Island music to our MUSIC IN HAWAII segment, plus covering Hawaii’s world-class jazz, classical, rock and other types of music.



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