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Dining is an art form in Hawaii! Not only do we expect good service and tasty food, we expect a presentation that suits our environment. Whether it’s a plate lunch on the go or a candlelit dinner, restaurants in Hawaii know how to keep the vibe alive.

While island style tacos and traditional luau fare are (arguably) equal favorites, you’ll find there’s a strong Asian culinary influence in our dining trends. Dip into these fun styles of cuisine and discover how food and fun make a tasty combination.


ConveyerBeltSushi-200x134Conveyor Belt Sushi.

Genki Sushi was the original conveyor belt sushi restaurant and has since inspired others to give it a whirl. No need to order anything off the menu; a wide variety of freshly prepared sushi makes its way around the carousel, right to your table. If you see something you like, just grab and enjoy. Keep it coming!


Now here’s a style that gets the adrenaline going. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle. Chefs at modern teppanyaki restaurants are trained to toss your meal into the air while cooking your selection to perfection. Dare you catch a grilled shrimp with your mouth as it flies right at you? You bet!


ShabuShabu-300x213Shabu Shabu.

Another popular Japanese-inspired style is Shabu Shabu, also called “hot pot.” Your party shares a boiling pot of broth over the built-in stove at your table, in which you may cook a variety of thinly sliced meats and vegetables. Don’t forget to dip your morsel in all the different sauces!



Japanese for “grilled meat,” it is unknown whether yakiniku is truly of Japanese or Korean origin—whichever the case, we love it. This is another do-it-yourself dining experience, except instead of a hot pot, you cook your fresh raw meats and veggies on a griddle. Order a variety of pre-cooked foods (or choose from the buffet, depending on the restaurant), and cook right at your table. Make sure you try all the dipping sauces, too.




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