About the Islands

About the Islands

Hawaii is one of the world’s most celebrated destinations.

Our mild tropical climate, breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage, friendly people, outstanding shopping and dining and, of course, spectacular beaches, bring visitors back year after year. Each of Hawaii’s six islands features a unique personality and myriad of amazing sights, from the Big Island’s fiery Kilauea Volcano to Oahu’s famed Waikiki Beach. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to decide which island to visit! And that’s where PERFECT DAYS HAWAII comes in. Check out the below island overviews to help you create a perfect vacation plan. Want to experience a little bit of everything? No problem! Hawaii’s frequent interisland flights make island-hopping a breeze.

discover Oahu

If you love the city as much as the country, you’ll love Oahu. The capital city of Honolulu offers world-famous Waikiki Beach as well as museums, eclectic restaurants, boutique and designer shopping, historic neighborhoods and even great nature hikes. Outside of the city, explore Pearl Harbor, the big-wave surf culture of the North Shore and miles of peaceful tropical beaches.

discover Hawaii

The island of Hawaii always impresses. Approaching the size of Connecticut and nearly 14,000 feet in height, Hawaii is understandably called “The Big Island.” The landscape defies logic with snow-capped mountains, erupting volcanoes, misty pastures, tropical coastlines fringed in waterfalls and black-sand (even green-sand!) beaches. Coffee farms, sleepy fishing and plantation villages, and world-class resorts temper the island’s wildness.

discover Maui

Maui is world-famous for golden beaches, glamorous beachfront resorts, winter whale watching, art galleries and stunning coastline drives. Maui’s landscapes are wonderfully diverse from the jacaranda lined Irish-green pasturelands of quaint Upcountry to the thick tropical jungles of Hana, the Malibu-style chic of sunny Kaanapali and Wailea, and the mysterious moonlike interior of Haleakala Crater, the island’s 10,000-foot-high volcano.

discover Molokai

On Molokai, population 8,000, traditional Hawaiian lifestyles and homesteading set the pace. So far it has escaped commercialism and development and that’s just how folks like it! The island’s historic Kalaupapa village is a significant pilgrimage site, reached only by hiking, mule train or prop plane. Visitors also find virtually uninhabited beaches, postcard-perfect valleys and some of Hawaii’s warmest people.

discover Lanai

Little Lanai is Hawaii’s least-visited island and a wonderful surprise for those who make the journey. A former pineapple plantation, Lanai is blissfully undeveloped, with just a handful of paved roads and a vintage town with less than 3,000 residents. Experience the island’s pine-studded landscapes, off-road adventures and serene tropical beaches. Five-star visitor amenities complete the picture of paradise.

discover Kauai

The location for films such as South Pacific and Jurassic Park, Kauai must have inspired more love songs than any other island in the world. Verdant, waterfall-streaked peaks anchor the landscape; tranquil bays and golden beaches beckon; and rustic country life finds balance with upscale amenities such as fine dining and graceful resorts. Kauai is truly a paradise.

As a whole, the Hawaiian Islands are known for their lush beauty, idyllic beaches and laid-back attitude

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