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  • Hukilau Marketplace – A Brand New Local Tradition

    The Hukilau Marketplace–Hawaii’s vibrantly vintage gathering destination–is now open! This popular community hub recalls the familiarity and everyone-is-family spirit of a North Shore village. Whether you stop in weekly or this is your first time over, the Hukilau Marketplace is … Continued
  • 35th Annual World Whale Day February 14, 2015

    Kalama Park, Maui, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The 35th Annual World Whale Day Celebration Maui will once again honor our majestic marine friends visiting for the winter. Taking place on Saturday, February 14 at Kalama Park in Kihei from … Continued
  • Kona Brewing Co. Turns 21

    Ever had a Kona Brewing Co. crafted beer? To celebrate the company’s 21st birthday, they have created a special series of small-batch beers only available in their island home, Kailua-Kona of Hawaii Island, on January 24, 2015. This new island-only series of beers, … Continued
  • Hawaii Spas & Wellness

      For some, a trip to Hawaii means basking under the sun and feasting at luau under the moon—but, for many, it’s also a chance to indulge in the health and wellness activities that only Hawaii can offer. With year-round … Continued
  • Ahi Poke Recipe

    Here in Hawaii, ahi poke is essential to any gathering. Enjoy this simple, but delicious ahi poke recipe: 1 lb fresh tuna (we prefer ahi to aku), cubed into bite sizes ¼ cup Aloha shoyu (or whatever your favorite brand) ¼ … Continued