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  • Hawaii Spas & Wellness

      For some, a trip to Hawaii means basking under the sun and feasting at luau under the moon—but, for many, it’s also a chance to indulge in the health and wellness activities that only Hawaii can offer. With year-round … Continued
  • Ahi Poke Recipe

    Here in Hawaii, ahi poke is essential to any gathering. Enjoy this simple, but delicious ahi poke recipe: 1 lb fresh tuna (we prefer ahi to aku), cubed into bite sizes ¼ cup Aloha shoyu (or whatever your favorite brand) ¼ … Continued

    It’s easy to let your natural defenses down when you’re having fun on a vacation, so here are some key travel safety tips, friendly reminders for keeping your guard up and insuring a fun, safe holiday:   SAFE DRIVING Just … Continued
  • Maui Kai Corner Unit 801 Panoramic View

    Unit 801 at the Maui Kai is a comfortable, homey, one–bedroom unit on the south corner of the building, with a panoramic west-facing view of the islands of Molokai and Lanai, and a south-facing view of the north end of … Continued
  • Blue Hawaiian Helicopters—Big Island

    GET FIRED UP!   THE BIG ISLAND’S MOST INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING SIGHTS CAN ONLY BE SEEN BY AIR Blue Hawaiian, Hawaii’s premier helicopter tour company, is your guide to the ultimate Big Island thrill: seeing Madame Pele’s awesome fires, which can … Continued