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  • What’s My Hawaiian Name?

          The Hawaiian Names Series In our 4-part series on Hawaiian Names you can learn about the traditional Hawaiian naming process, search for a Hawaiian baby name, translate your name using the Hawaiian alphabet, and search through strong and … Continued

    1 lb fresh poke* 1/4 lb spicy Portuguese sausage 1/2 yellow onion, diced 4 buds garlic, chopped corn tortillas 1 Tbsp canola oil   Fry corn tortillas in oil in advance and keep warm in an oven. Or heat premade … Continued
  • Island Romance on a Budget

      Is Valentine’s Day putting romance on your mind, but leaving fewer dollars in your wallet? Plan that trip you’ve always wanted—the island getaway, the second honeymoon—with all the bells and whistles. Go crazy! And if those bells and whistles … Continued

    It’s easy to let your natural defenses down when you’re having fun on a vacation, so here are some key travel safety tips, friendly reminders for keeping your guard up and insuring a fun, safe holiday:   SAFE DRIVING Just … Continued
  • Oahu – Best Beaches For Sunbathing & Sunset-Watching

    Ala Moana Beach Sunset SUN, SAND & SURF Second only to Kauai, some may argue, the island of Oahu has some of the finest beaches in the state, ranging from world-famous Waikiki Beach and family-favored Ala Moana Beach Park to … Continued